Achieve better results with a personalised plant-based nutrition plan

We take the fear and discomfort out of thinking about nutrition, while good food choices become second nature.

Save time by automating the process of planning meals according to your goals.

Choose to Build Muscle, Lose Weight or Maintain Healthy Eating.

Hundreds of delicious, easy to cook plant-based recipes.

Full Nutritional Analysis, Weight Tracking & More.

What is QuickThyme Nutrition?

An online plant-based meal planner developed to help busy individuals reach their fitness goals using an evidence-based approach.

If you are looking to tailor a healthy diet for your busy lifestyle, you are in the right place. We simplify the confusing world of food science for you, because fitness isn't just about spending time at the gym, it's also about putting the right foods into your diet.

Have you ever wondered how people manage to achieve their dream physique? In this day and age we are busier than ever; there's the rat-race, rush hour traffic, a deadline at work, or getting the kids to school on time. Busy work and personal schedules often lead to poor food choices and eating behaviours, which ultimately impacts our energy levels, mood, motivation, recovery and therefore results from our hard work at the gym.

Think of QuickThyme Nutrition as your personal nutritionist, available 24/7 at a touch of a button.

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Cooking oftentimes becomes a spooky word for those who know the struggle. It is very easy to promise that we will follow through a healthy diet starting on Monday, and it is easier to break the promise by Wednesday morning. Although it seems like a ‘’piece of cake’’, the mental effort and time put into maintaining a healthy balanced diet is neglected. Calculating your nutrition targets, finding tasty recipes, and making grocery lists are all parts of this ceremonious activity we call cooking.

Check out our features below to see how we can help you on your journey.


mockupCustom Calorie Requirements

Choose your own calorie target and macro nutrient splits, or let the application do the calculations for you.

Let's face it, counting calories and meal planning is sometimes overwhelming. Planning your meals and tracking your progress will allow you to clearly see what works and what doesn't - as well as allowing you to make the necessary changes. Luckily, QuickThyme Nutrition adjusts your nutrition targets and meal plans automatically based on the progress you make and log into the app.

mockupCustom Allergy Preferences

You can customise your allergy preferences so that your meal plans do not include common allergies or individual ingredients you may dislike. The recipes in our meal planner are completely plant-based and suitable for vegans.


mockupReduce Stress & Anxiety

Reduce the anxiety of picking what to eat by automatically generating a completely customisable meal plan. Doing this ahead of time will reduce the poor food choices we make while hungry.

The daily stresses of a busy life and our countless responsibilities are a well-known culprit of burnout. Psychological evidence shows that a regularity in a lifestyle factor like diet has a positive effect on the psychological domain, reducing depression as well as anxiety (Scott et al. 2008; Xu et al.2010), increasing life satisfaction (Headey et al. 2013) and self-perceived general mental health, causing a heightened sense of self-control.

mockupAutomatic Calorie Calibrator

After the first four weeks, the application will start to adjust and calibrate your nutrition targets every two weeks depending on the progress you are making towards your goal.


mockupPlan in Advance

Planning meals ahead of time will reduce the amount of food which goes to waste, while also saving you money.

You wouldn’t believe how much money goes down the drain because of wasted food because it wasn't used in time. By planning out the meals you will be cooking, you will ensure that no more food is wasted. This is not only good for the environment but also your pocket and time. Less time spent in a supermarket prevents emotional buying, cuts the risk of buying an unnecessary number of items and saves your valuable time.

mockupCreate Your Own Recipe

If you find that you enjoy a particular recipe which we do not have in our library, you can easily add it to your profile so it can be used when auto-generating your meal plans.


mockupGrocery Lists

A grocery list will automatically be generated once you have finalised your meal plan. You can then review the list and check-off ingredients which you already have in your pantry, leaving you a clear list with groceries to purchase.

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